Deep Learning News 8 Oct 2021

Highlights of Deep Learning News in major media this week:

DeepMind Introduces ‘Enformer’, A Deep Learning Architecture For Predicting Gene …MarkTechPost
DeepMind Introduces ‘Enformer’, A Deep Learning Architecture For Predicting Gene Expression From DNA Sequence. By. Tanushree Shenwai. -. October 6, 2021. 87.
Box taps deep learning to detect sophisticated malware | VentureBeat
However, so far this has leaned heavily on “known” threats from external intelligence databases — moving forward, Box said it will mesh deep learning …
CIT researchers develop new “deep learning” methods to fight wildfires with drones – Purdue …Purdue Polytechnic Institute
Deep learning has had great success with detecting objects like people and vehicles,” said Tang. “But little has been done to help computers detect objects …
We’re In the Moneyball 3.0 Era. Here’s What It Means for Live Sports – Datanami
Has deep learning revolutionized sports analytics? His short answer: “I think it has.” His longer answer is more interesting. Moneyball 1.0. In Lucey’s telling …
DetecDiv, a deep-learning platform for automated cell division tracking and replicative … – bioRxiv
Here, we have developed DetecDiv, a microfluidic-based image acquisition platform combined with deep learning-based software for high-throughput single-cell …
Yann LeCun Paper Rejected – Power Of Double-Blind Review – Analytics India Magazine
… machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, intelligent data analysis, data mining, data compression, digital library systems, and robotics.
A Book Review on Integrating Deep Learning Algorithms to Overcome Challenges in Big …Analytics Insight
Data science consists of the blend of deep learning and big data analytics to generate meaningful insights in this data-driven world. Thus, this is a book …
Machine vision: MVTec extends deep learning spectrum with HALCON 21.11 Progress …Robotics Tomorrow
Instance segmentation expands range of deep learning functions • Combination of classic and modern machine vision technologies • HALCON 21.11 will be …
Reinforcement learning improves game testing, EA’s AI team finds – TechTalks
… adversarial networks (GAN), a type of deep learning architecture that pits two neural networks against each other to create and detect synthetic data.
Efficient generative modeling of protein sequences using simple autoregressive models – Nature
… on latent variables are variational autoencoders (VAE), which achieve dimensional reduction, but in the flexible and powerful set of deep learning.

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