Ridzuan Daud Tech.

An AI & Machine Learning trainer in Malaysia.

My Services

As a seasoned researcher and AI trainer with a wealth of experience in the field, I excel at turning raw data into actionable insights that can improve results, inform decision-making, and ultimately save costs. My expertise in machine learning and deep learning, as well as my proficiency in a variety of supervised and unsupervised algorithms, allows me to tackle even the most complex data challenges. I also use data visualization techniques to make the results easy to understand and digest for my clients. With a solid background in SQL, Python, TensorFlow and Big Data Analytics, I have the tools and knowledge necessary to deliver high-quality, results-driven solutions for my clients.

Live Hands-On Workshop

“I want to train others to make the right and data-driven decisions”

Ridzuan Daud


After retiring from the University of Malaya (AI Lecturer), Ridzuan has conducted a series of hands on AI and Machine Learning (AIML) workshops that have transformed the knowledge of local skilled students and professionals, and altered the course of practical education throughout the country.


University AI Courses Teaching (10+ years)

Master of Data Science Project Supervision (4 years)

AI Researcher (10+ years)

Hands-on AI & ML Workshop Trainer (5+ years)

MySifu ChatBot Bahasa Melayu (Founder)

Online Workshop

Master Deep Learning (#Free)

Hands on Machine Learning (Advanced)

Deep Learning Fundamentals (#Free)

Deep Learning with TensorFlow (Advanced)

Python Programming for Kids

Python for Data Scientist

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