Deep Learning News 4 Nov 2021

Highlights of Deep Learning News in major media this week:

Researchers Introduce ‘Colossal-AI’: A PyTorch-Based Deep Learning System For Large …MarkTechPost
Deep learning models are already revolutionizing the way we think about AI. One such type is the ‘transformer model,’ which takes an attention …
An Ensemble of Random Forest Gradient Boosting Machine and Deep Learning Methods for …IGI Global
An Ensemble of Random Forest Gradient Boosting Machine and Deep Learning Methods for Stock Price Prediction: 10.4018/JITR.2022010102: Stochastic …
High-performance, low-cost machine learning infrastructure is accelerating innovation in the cloud MIT Technology Review
These deep learning models are larger and more sophisticated resulting in rising costs to run underlying infrastructure to train and deploy these …
Reinforcement learning frustrates humans in teamplay, MIT study finds – TechTalks
artificial neural networks deep learning human brain. “Our current findings give evidence that an AI’s objective task performance alone (what we …
Machine learning deployment platform OctoML raises $85M | VentureBeat
… respondents from across industries had taken their deep learning beyond the pilot stage — and this, ultimately, is what OctoML is all about.
AI mobility startup Autobrains raises $101 million for self-learning platform | Ctech – Calcalistech
Autobrains’ self-learning AI operates in a fundamentally different way from traditional deep learning systems. Based on multi-disciplinary …
It’s time for the machines to take over | ZDNet
… task is still incredibly hard to engineer for even the most sophisticated robotic armatures using cutting-edge deep learning AI approaches.
How AI is shaping Adobe’s product strategy – TheNextWeb
Adobe is leveraging deep learning to improve its image editing apps. In turn, the use of AI is shaping Adobe’s product strategy.

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