Deep Learning News 3 Dec 2021

Highlights of Deep Learning News in major media this week:

Top 10 Must Know Python Deep Learning Applications in 2022 – Analytics Insight
Meanwhile, deep learning algorithms are thriving in the global tech market owing to cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and …
Deep learning dreams up new protein structures – ScienceDaily
Using artificial intelligence and deep learning, researchers have developed a neural network that ‘hallucinates’ the structures of new protein …
Perlmutter-Powered Deep-Learning Model Speeds Extreme Weather Predictions – HPCwire
Physics-informed deep learning models such as the FNO offer the potential for accurate predictions of the spatio-temporal evolution of the Earth …
The good, the bad and the ugly of deep learning technology | ITProPortal
The use of deep learning for social media and online content generation has gained equal parts attraction and concern in recent years.
Facebook Open-Sources GHN-2 AI for Fast Initialization of Deep-Learning Models – InfoQ
A team from Facebook AI Research (FAIR) and the University of Guelph have open-sourced an improved Graph HyperNetworks (GHN-2) meta-model that …
The 10 Hottest Machine Learning And Data Science Startups In 2021 – CRNC
… artificial intelligence, machine learning and even deep learning to prepare and organize big data and develop the machine learning algorithms …
Artificial intelligence that understands object relationships – MIT News – Massachusetts Institute of …
Many deep learning models struggle to see the world this way because they don’t understand the entangled relationships between individual objects.
Hyperfine Receives FDA Clearance for Deep Learning Portable MRI, Defining the Future of …Yahoo Finance
World’s first portable MRI transforms imaging at the patient’s bedside with deep learning to enable timely diagnosis and treatment.

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