Deep Learning News 28 Nov 2021

Highlights of Deep Learning News in major media this week:

Scientists Use A New Deep Learning Method To Add 301 Planets to Kepler’s Total Count …MarkTechPost
Deep neural networks are machine learning systems that automatically learn a task if provided with necessary data. An artificial neural network …
deep learning method to automatically enhance dog animations – Tech XploreTech Xplore
Researchers at Trinity College Dublin and University of Bath have recently developed a model based on deep neural networks that could help to …
Building artificial intelligence: staffing is the most challenging part | ZDNetZDNet
Huang: “From a broader industry perspective, machine translation and information retrieval, in general, have improved dramatically after adopting deep …
Deep learning for disease diagnosis confounded by image labels – Physics World
Artificial intelligence (AI) has potential to play a pivotal role in many areas of medicine. In particular, the use of deep learning to analyse …
How Deep Learning Can Decode Faces Into Important Characteristics – Analytics India Magazine
Unsupervised deep learning research indicates that the brain divides faces into semantically relevant characteristics like age.
How to apply Deep learning to Image Denoising – TechBullionTechBullion
Deep learning, often known as neural networks, is a type of machine learning that employs a computational model inspired by the brain’s structure.
Deep Learning Shines Light on Protein Interactions | Technology Networks
Scientists are now combining recent advances in evolutionary analysis and deep learning to build three-dimensional models of how most proteins in …
Deep learning algorithms assist in identifying microplastics in human body – EurekAlert!
Deep learning algorithms assist in identifying microplastics in human body. A study saw light in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry.
How AI Is Deepening Our Understanding of the Brain – Singularity Hub
By studying how deep learning algorithms work, scientists can distill high-level theories about the brain and then go test them in the lab.

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