Deep Learning News 13 Oct 2021

Highlights of Deep Learning News in major media this week:

Social media and deep learning capture the aesthetic quality of the landscape | Scientific Reports
Our results show how social media and deep learning can support significant advances in modelling the aesthetic contributions of ecosystems for ES assessments.
Deep-learning algorithm aims to accelerate protein engineering –
“We then combine that information and use the deep learning framework to figure out what kind of mutations are important for the target protein function.”.
IBM and Linux Foundation AI and Data Announce Machine Learning eXchange – Florida News Times
MLX offers a collection of free, open source, state-of-the-art deep learning models for popular application domains. The picked list includes deployable …
AI In the Sky: Deep Learning Drones | Quality Digest
The acquisition of ElluminAI Labs enables AD to incorporate deep learning AI frameworks throughout its entire drone technology ecosystem which includes …
Tips for Pursuing a Career in Deep Learning – JAXenter
Deep learning offers lucrative career opportunities for interested programmers and computer scientists. But before you take your career down the deep …
Spiking Neural Networks: Why Is It Trending? – Analytics India Magazine
How does it contribute to the enhancement of deep learning? There are various coding schemes developed to describe the mechanics of information encoding.
How To Enable Data-Centric AI – Forbes
Today, deep learning frameworks like PyTorch and TensorFlow have made cutting-edge advances in model architecture accessible to the tech community.
Box Shield helps customers reduce the risk of ransomware by scanning files in near real …Help Net Security
The new capabilities leverage deep learning technology and external threat intelligence to analyze files and stop sophisticated malware before it causes …
Andrew Ng Announces Data-Centric AI Competition Winners. Who Are They?Analytics India Magazine
Mohammad Motamedi, who works as a senior software engineer – deep learning and AI technology at NVIDIA. Johnson Kuan, who is the Director, data science and …

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